Were you creative when you were younger and always planned to get back to it someday?

Have you tried out different things but not yet found one that 'sparks joy'?

Are you drawn to awesome bright fabrics, retro patterns and quirky home décor? 

Do you want to rekindle your creative energy and learn new skills in a fun and supportive community?

That’s me as well, all of it.

I loved anything to do with art and textiles as a kid – my mum was an art teacher and my grandmother taught me to sew. In the beginning I made dolls clothes on my hand operated toy sewing machine. By the way, I still have it and it’s one of my treasures.

I have been sewing my own clothes since I was nine, have worked in retail stores selling fabric and also for a fashion designer. Overall, I have 40 years of experience in playing around with textiles, developing my sewing skills, and combining bright colours and bold patterns to make vibrant clothing, home décor items and gifts for friends and family.

I started Dusty Disco Ball designs almost by accident. After my son was born, my academic career was pretty much at a standstill. While I was considering my options, I started drawing again and began creating digital repeat patterns. Once I got my first printed fabric samples, I was hooked. Now with my own fabrics to play with, I began to explore different ways to use them, especially in quilting projects. I joined local craft and quilting groups who have been a huge source of inspiration, knowledge and community for me. In the last two years of COVID lockdowns, we have been there for each other with regular online catchups. Believe me, this has made all the difference!

I adore designing fabric, but equally I love seeing how other people combine my fabrics into their own unique projects. It is hugely rewarding to be a ‘link in the chain’ for the creativity of others. I feel honoured to be a part of that process.

I am an artist, a designer, an educator, and a very experienced sewist (a term often used online as being a sewer is not ok!). I have many skills to share already but I’m excited to learn and explore so much more in the world of quilting and textiles. Creative journeys are always more fun with company so come along for the ride. I would love to be there to help you dust off your creative side and sew projects that sparkle!

xx Natalie @DDB