I’ve had a crazy idea called #SewItForward.

From now until Christmas, I’m going to build a campaign to donate essential sewing supplies to refugee women. Years ago, I was able to donate a sewing machine and other sewing essentials to a refugee and I've always wanted to do it again. Now, with your help, we can donate so many more. 

I’m hugely excited to have the ‘Sew it Forward’ program as part of what I’m doing, and here’s why. I know that for refugee women, buying a sewing machine for themselves isn’t going to be a priority. Sewing machines aren’t cheap!

But there are so many reasons why a sewing machine is a life changer and for me, it’s absolutely an essential. When I moved to Darwin in my twenties, I took barely anything but one thing I took was my sewing machine. I would never be without one!

A sewing machine has more benefits than I can count. If you have a sewing machine there are a million ways you can make your life better. 

You can make quilts, cushions, or curtains to brighten up your space. 

You can make gifts for friends, family or for yourself. 

You can adjust clothes to make then fit perfectly, which feels amazing.

You can sew new clothes with amazing fabric and express your own style. 

You can upcycle vintage fabric or clothes to give them new life.

You can repair clothes to cut down on ‘fast fashion’.

You can connect with your sewing community – there’s lots of us out there! 

And you can even build a small business if you want.

Not to mention that crafts like sewing are great for your mental health. 

I want these things for myself, for you and for the refugee women who will benefit from my program. 

So welcome to my #SewItForward campaign.

There will be lots of exciting things to come in the months ahead. 

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And the purchase of any of the sewing or quilting kits from my shop from now until Christmas will #SewItForward. 

Who’s with me?