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Dusty Disco Ball

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Make your own fabulous quilted items using modern quilting techniques!

In this kit you will get fabric, supplies and instructions to make a fabulous quilted project.

All fabrics feature my own unique designs, curated especially for you and printed on high quality craft cotton.

You will get:

  • Video and written project instructions 

  • Access to online community via the Facebook Group

  • Personalised assistance from me if you get stuck

    BONUS: You will even be able to upcycle each postage box into fabric covered storage! 

    That Creative Sparkle!

    Sewing is hugely rewarding and creative. 

    And when I sew, my problems disappear - at least for a short while.

    My sewing kits are also like a vacation from your problems, and they won’t cost you nearly as much!

    So click on 'Buy Now' and start sewing to  magic away your stress!