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Dusty Disco Ball

Creative Sparkle Quilting Box

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What’s Inside?

Every month you will get an amazing box full of sewing goodies!

Each box highlights one unique fabric collection from Dusty Disco Ball printed on high quality craft cotton. This will be the main foundation of your month’s projects.

There will be more than 3.5 yards of fabric in each box!  Also there will be a whole host of sewing essentials to help you to complete your sewing and add to your collection of sewing supplies. I look forward to sending you the best value, highest quality and most fun box that I can put together each month!

You will also get:

  • Step by Step Project Sheets
  • Skill Building Information Sheets 

And links to:
  • Our online community via the Facebook Group
  • Video tutorials available in the Facebook Group 

  • Instructions for the best way to get my help if you are stuck

  • An invitation to join our regular Zoom chat

What sort of projects will be included?


  • Covered storage box
  • Triangle dash cushion
  • Starburst cushion
  • Go go 1960s Lap quilt  - Part 1 (Part 2 is in the second month for the collection)

There will be step by step instructions for quilt blocks and variations so that you can add your own creative interpretation.

Once you have made the quilt block, there will instructions for how to make a home decor item such as a tote or cushion.

Each month there will also be instructions for an up-cycling project - the first month will show you how to turn the cardboard mailing box into practical fabric covered storage!

That Creative Sparkle!

Come and ignite your creative sewing sparkle with my help and the support of your new online community! From month to month, I will assist you to develop your sewing and creative skills and build your inspiration for unique projects. 

You’ll gain confidence in working with fabric and playing with colour, shape and pattern. Each month will give you enough materials for small projects or you could use the box as a ‘block of the month’ and add your blocks together at any time to make larger projects or a quilt. Every two months the focus collection will change so you will be able to explore a new range. Or if you love the collection and want to make a quilt, a special quilters box for that collection will be available for subscribers to purchase.