Spot the differences! The evolution of a calendar design

For my first proper blog post I thought I would talk a bit about the design process for my 2020 calendar entry for the challenge on #Spoonflower. As a self taught designer I often don’t know the 'official' way to get a particular result so I use a range of different apps and processes to get there in the end. Everything I do is on #IPadPro and whenever possible I‘ll use this instead of a computer (or spend hours trying to find an iPad based work around!)

My favourite iPad app for designing is #ProtoSketch and I’m dreading the day that I can’t use it any more because it hasn’t been updated for so long. Such a great, intuitive app for vector work! So version 1 in my photo was wholely done there in vectors.

In order to use the calendar numbers with a transparent background I removed the white background using Pixelmator. Then I spent several finicky hours tidying up the numbers before they were ready to export in png format.

From there, I moved individual elements like the divider screen over to #Procreate to add texture. Online I found some great new brushes to add to Procreate including a really effective wood grain creator. Big thanks to Yeas for creating these and making them available. Then it was back to ProtoSketch for masking and placement.

All my elements were done, shadows and background were added but it still wasn’t quite ready. I played around with filters on #Stackables to make the colours pop a little more. While I could tweak it forever, version 2 is now in the official Spoonflower challenge. Wish me luck!

Feel free to ask for more details about anything I have mentioned, or post comments about your own design process!

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