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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Several of my customers have commented that it can be confusing to order fabric on Spoonflower. This is a general guide for ordering fabric as a new customer searching for fabric. All screen shots are from the Spoonflower website and I have used a markup tool to put in site navigation tips.

On the front page of there is often a link to a promotion or collection. The site itself is extensive with lots to explore. I'd suggest that you do that a little later and start with either 'How it Works' or go straight to the join page.

'How it works' doesn't have much detail but there is a join button there too. Joining is free and then you can move on to navigating the site and finding fabric!

I have created a sample account called testcustomer that I'll use to show you how the Spoonflower search and ordering thing works. Your profile will initially look like this. Time to search!

Once you have entered your search terms, don't despair if your results aren't specific enough! (see examples below). There is a way you can improve them that I just found out about thanks to Jewel Marlowe on the Spoonflower blog. Thank you Jewel!

A boolean search helps to narrow it down. Boolean searches give the search engine more specific instructions to work with. If you'd like find out more about this type of search, have a look at this summary.

The three most common boolean terms are: and, or, not.

Use these between your key words to help narrow down your results. See example below.

Once your search is narrowed down, you can click on the hearts below each picture to collect your favourites on your profile. Head back home to your profile (little person icon in top right corner) to review them and order.

Back on your profile, your favourites have been added so they will be available next time you log on as well. Click on an image to order.

You can choose fabric options and sizes on the individual fabric page. Order a test swatch (see test swatch as one of the size options) in your chosen fabric if you need to check the colour saturation or scale before ordering more. Printed colours appear much more vibrant on polyester fabrics than they do on natural fibres. Computer monitors and other screens are back lit and may also change the look of colours. For all these reasons a test swatch is definitely recommended! Add your fabric to cart.

Once you have added all your fabric choices, the cart is now in the top right corner. Check out using 'view cart'.

The checkout process is fairly straightforward and takes credit card or pay pal. You can review the order before final confirmation.

Now your fabric is on it's way!

I hope this guide has been useful. Please let me know in the comments if you found it has helped you or if I have missed a step in clarifying the Spoonflower ordering process. Stay tuned for more posts on Spoonflower ordering using collections and fill-a-yard. To see all my fabric designs on Spoonflower, use the direct link here.

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