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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Image: 'Toilet paper crisis' © Dusty Disco Ball 2020

If there's one thing that 2020 has made clear to me, it's that the ability to be creative and use creativity to support others has never been more important. We've seen the huge outpouring of support and homemade supplies for injured wildlife during the Australian bushfires, and now the making of masks and scrubs for medical staff on the pandemic front line. With communities locked down, people are finding many creative ways to express themselves and connect. People are dressing up to put the bins out, creating rainbows to put in the windows, creating humorous videos and photographing their reenactments of famous artworks to put online. Gardening in the front yard gives people one of the only real life chat opportunities during 'social distancing' so the gardens in my suburb have never been tidier. And it has been pointed out elsewhere that without the much underrated 'Arts' sector there would be be no tv to watch, books to read or music to listen to as we shelter.

The world has been turned on its head and in the months to come there will be much to discuss and reevaluate. For now, we are all still struggling to find a new 'normal'. I'm lucky that my usual routine of designing and uploading hasn't changed all that much. Some of my designs have even been inspired by the panic-induced hoarding and oddness of lockdown life.

Image: 'Gen X Prophet' © Dusty Disco Ball 2020

The quiet streets and slowing of life during lockdown definitely appeal to my introverted side. It would be easy to slide into this solitary bubble without thinking too much. And the fact that this would even be possible shows my high level of privilege. However as a surface pattern designer of fabric I design to help myself and others to be creative with textiles. So I need to get on with the next part of my plan for Dusty Disco Ball and post some 'How to' videos. I think I'll road test some different mask patterns and then put something together.

Image: Mask making tools

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