A studio of my own

I now have a dedicated space to work in, display my designs and to house all of my equipment, fabric and other materials (and of course, my sewing machine collection). It's hard to explain how valuable this is. With a studio it will be a little easier to be professional, or at least fake it until I make it.

There is enough space in here to hold small sewing classes and workshops. I tested this with my first studio event - a Bushfire Relief sewing bee. There were six of us in total, sewing all day to make items such as beds for injured animals, quilt squares to make quilts for bushfire victims and 'cool ties' (special neckties with cooling crystals).

Since then I've been organising my stash and getting through some of my sewing backlog. In a month or two, I will start running regular classes and maybe even hold an official studio opening. Until then, I'm spending as much time as I can in here, enjoying the feel of having my own creative space.

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