Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find your fabric on Spoonflower?

The easiest way is to go straight to my shop via the link on my Shop links page. On the Spoonflower site you can either scroll through the patterns on my main page or go to the collections button in the shop menu. Once you have found the picture of the design you want, there are drop down menus so you can choose fabric type and length of fabric. You can also get pre-made home decor items by scrolling through the pictures and clicking on them.

Can I search for Dusty Disco Ball designs on the Spoonflower website by type or colour?

Unfortunately the Spoonflower site doesn't make it easy for customers to search the work of specific designers. In the coming weeks I will be developing the search options here on so that my designs will be easier to find. For now, if you have a specific colour or design you need and are unable to find it via my Spoonflower shop, please contact me! I can easily be reached via and I'll be in touch ASAP to help you. I really want to make the shopping experience as painless as possible while I develop an easily searchable system for my designs.

Can I get my favourite DDB design on digitally printed products from Redbubble or Society 6?

Yes! If it isn't on Redbubble or Society 6 already, let me know via my email and I can add it asap. I will be expanding my range on both sites in the next few months so it will be no problem to add specific designs as required.

Do you do custom colours and designs?

Yes! Just contact me via email on and let me know your reqirements. I can adjust the scale of a pattern and add custom colours on an existing design. There is no charge for this, For a custom design, I will charge a design fee depending on what you want to use the design for and which products you want to use it for. This service is price on application and I can provide a quote. My designs are also available for licensing.This service is also price on application so contact me for terms,conditions and pricing.